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New translations

Amr Diab - W Aih Yaani   
Arabic → English
Aref - Ey Khoda(Donya Do Rooze)
Persian → Transliteration
Juli - November
German → French
Ariana Grande - Santa Tell Me   
English → Spanish
Amy Winehouse - Cherry   
English → French
Duman - Senden Daha Güzel   
Turkish → French
Elvira T - Vsyo resheno (Все решено)   
Russian → Transliteration
Joe Inoue - Closer   
Japanese → English

Translation Help Needed

Joell Ortiz - Hip Hop   
English → French
Akon - I'm So Fly   
English → French
Yazoo - Don't Go
English → French
Thompson Twins - Love On Your Side   
English → French
Yurtseven Kardeşler - Çek Git   
Turkish → English
Grigory Leps - Зеркала   
Russian → Croatian
Boyzone - Love me for a reason   
English → German (Austrian/Bavarian)

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