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New translations

Kontra K - Los!
German → English
Chava Alberstein - Die goldene Pave   
Yiddish → Portuguese
Emma Marrone - Se rinasci   
Italian → English
Françoise Hardy - Mon amie la rose   
French → Hungarian
Françoise Hardy - La Fille Avec Toi   
French → Hungarian
Juli - Plattenbau   
German → Spanish
Clark S. Nova - Carrion   
English → French

Translation Help Needed

Anna German - Co daje deszcz   
Polish → Turkish
Anna German - Co daje deszcz   
Polish → Greek
Anna German - Co daje deszcz   
Polish → Hungarian
Anna German - Co daje deszcz   
Polish → Finnish
bozorg - Bitab
Persian → English
Greg Laswell - Comes and goes   
English → Turkish
Tina Karol - Show me your love   
English → German
Beck - Loser   
English → Turkish

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