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New translations

Arthur Cormack - Sailm CXVII agus CL   
Gaelic (Scottish Gaelic) → English
Sentenced - Vengeance is mine
English → Finnish
Yara - Ma Baarif
Arabic → English
Bora Duran - Umut   
Turkish → English
Indira Radić - Halo srce gde si   
Serbian → Russian
Britney Spears - Pretty Girls
English → Hungarian
Enrique Iglesias - Alive   
English → Bulgarian

Translation Help Needed

Billy Talent - Viking Dead March   
English → Italian
The Gloss - Fantastic   
Korean → English
Dina (Portugal) - Amor d'água fresca   
Portuguese → Italian
Mina - Anche un uomo   
Italian → English
Teuta Selimi - E pa shprese   
Albanian → French
Teuta Selimi - S'do te behesh burre   
Albanian → French

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