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New translations

Melek Rojhat - Yar tu berde   
Kurdish (Kurmanji) → German
Demy - Proti Mou Fora   
Greek → Transliteration
The National - Sorrow   
English → Danish
Lorde - Glory And Gore   
English → Turkish
The National - Terrible Love   
English → Danish

Translation Help Needed

Romeo Santos - Trust
Spanish → Romanian
Lyn - But I Still Love...   
Korean → English
Melek Rojhat - Ez Keçim Keça Kurdanim
Kurdish (Kurmanji) → German
Robert Palmer - Addicted to love   
English → Greek
Donna Hightower - If You Hold My Hand   
English (Old English) → Greek
Fleetwood Mac - Dreams
English → Greek
Toto - Georgy Porgy   
English → Greek

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