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as a child I dreamt of
living freely like a gipsy

I saw beaches
of black sand
where wild horses ran

And I drew (from the verb 'drawing') in my notebooks
the secret footpaths
of the Spanish mountains

when, later on,
I learned my first guitar chords
on the road, I left without luggage (I think he means he learns guitar on the streets)
dreaming of other landscapes

where I followed the wandering people (lit.: people of the voyages)
in their caravans
at the sound of gipsy violins

Living my life as a gipsy
having music in my blood (lit.: the blood)
and, under my skin, only one woman
at the time for love. (I changed the word-order in these two verses)

Living my life as a gipsy
living my life as I hear it (maybe I should say: as I understand it)
having freedom as a banner
without religion or law [as creed]

(A gipsy) I am and I will stay
as long as I live

My guitars are American
And my landscapes
great white spaces

where I ride (through) in my caravan
in eternal exile
in the jungle of the cities

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