az too golkhooneye donya
miyoone tak take golha
ghesmate ma ham bar in bood
yasamin to shodi gole ma

do ta cheshmat sayeboone
nemitarse baghe khoone
tabe mojgoone bolandet
panahe ye asemoone
fasle naz o
ba sar angosht roye mohat mineshoonam
vaghti lala ee mikhoonam
toro ta khab miresoonam
cheshato mibare roya arezoohato bebini
toye khab setareha ro mitooni asoon bechini

man o eshghe to o naze negahet
bara keshidane on shekle mahet
man o bachegi o shahre khiyali
man o bazi ye eshghe bi soali

midoonam ke ye rooz be vaghte nojavooni
mirese vaghte del bakhtan o vaghte hamzabooni
migi be eshgh asiri
ejazato migiri
mikhay aroos beshi
ghashangtarin aroose donya
mizari hame ye aroosakato vase ma

in akhare kare
rasme rozegare

Пуснато от Vanda в Четв, 11/12/2008 - 15:39
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from the greenhouse of world
amoung all flowers
It was our destination...
that you became our flower, O Yasamin

your 2 eyes are shelter...
so the garden doesn't scare
twist of your long eyelash
is a shelter for sky
the season of niceness...
I put that on your hairs with my finger
when I sing lullaby for you
I forward you to sleep / I make you asleep
the dream bring your eyes to see your wishes
in sleep you can pick up the stars easily

me and your love and your gaze's niceness...
to paint your stunning face
me and childhood and dreamy city
me and game of love without any question

I know, someday when you are a teenager...
would be arrived that time of "falling in love" and "being a companion for some one"
you would say that your in love
you get permission
you want to be a bride
the most beautiful bride in all of the world
you would leave your dolls for us

It's the end of work
It's the custom of life

Пуснато от Vanda в Четв, 11/12/2008 - 15:39
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