Marwan Khoury - Law Feyi (превод на Английски)

превод на Английски

Law Feyi

If i could go back in time with a touch of hand even for a glance
the same place and the same song
When u and i were in the first day
Your eyes were passionate and full of tenderness
They smiled to me, and life would run into me
And blaming was far away that day
Where are your gazes full of love and jealousy
What changed you, and made u grow up, my little
What taught distance and sadness
My eyes didn't rested since the day you are far
And no other hand ever held mine
And our love doesn’t remember about forgetting
If I could return my life with a touch of hand only once
Return that hug, on that night
Stop the time with u, tense and sleep
If i could return the words when you used to say(most precious line of the whole song: law fiye redd el 7aki wa2t elli kenti t2ouli b7bak ana w 3yonik yghanouli )
I love you and ur eyes would sing to me
The most lovely poem, and return the days
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