Nimm mich mit

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Nimm mich mit

It does not only rain during the rain season
It’s raining cats and dogs
How do you imagine the weather to be in Caracas
Life in the tropics is a lot more colorful

You, you say, I am no man for one night
I have to travel a lot
Today I thought about it:
Your chance is there – I can prove it to you

Take me, take me
Take me, Tommi boy
To the adventure of love and so on
I can see it, it will work
It will be double-trible (more) beautfiul
With you – yes, you are my companion

I imagine all our possibilities
Noth pole, South pole, large city or beach
On the beach the whole sand
Maybe it’s better on the countryside
Anyway, I am already very excited

In the meantime, my dog is already looking very sad
Always inside, never outside of the house
Always waiting for the Telefone to ring
And somebody inviting us for a journey into the world

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