Tanz aus der Reihe

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Tanz aus der Reihe

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everything my heart desires
is at my feet
clueless and unburdened
I will greet the night

I feel the world pulsate with the beat
and silent lights gleam
and I dive in and balance
my possibilities

for this night the best will be
to dip every burden into "forgetting"
and I don't care what the world thinks about it
the feet only know one thing today

I step out of line (I'm different)
I step out of line

crimes will be delayed today
and in my way
I drop the charges
due to lack of evidence

What happens to me here, I don't know
I only know what I see here fascinates me
today I don't care what the world thinks about it

now I count

you're not alone
and everything steps, everybody steps
out of line (is different)

Tanz aus der Reihe
Komm tanz aus der Reihe
Tanz aus der Reihe

Oh yeah oh yeah
come on and feel free
as if it was the last time

come on and step out of line with me tonight
until the night loses its light to the dawn
step (out of line) with me

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