Yeah Yeah Yeah

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Yeah Yeah Yeah

We’re at home in catalogs and catacombs alike
And even in catastrophes we’ll go outside to take a sh*t
In tight pants even we will look ridiculous
We do it as well, take our clothes off and go off

Hey, interessted in a Fanta?
Read the news, they’ve split
Burned out and stranded somewhere
Out of the country, they’ve emigrated
Been at the top, then went down
Drugparties to perdition
Don’t know if they found their way back to normal
Since they’ve dissappeared someday

They cautioned against drug withdrawal
You jumped in front of a train
You weren’t supposed to do this as well
Turn a blind eye

Do you want to see the boss
Come and ride the F-Train
To whom do you want to give a proof
Down there on the rails

Up here the air ist thin
May this is the reason why we are always stoned
Maybe this isn’t quite healthy but it’s cool
Say „Yeah!“ and throw the hands in the air

Yeah Yeah Yeah
Yeah Yeah Yeah

Have nothing and always look good
Do nothing and always go out
Unterstand nothing and always find an excuse
Say „Yeah Yeah Yeah“
Do not go home for four days anymore
Never ask, always go out on a limb
Never say anything, always taking your clothes off right away

Shalom – You think it has nothing to do with you anyways
Come on – it’s good we’ve talked about it
Om – Start to pray once before, otherwise you’ll look at the same wallpapers all your life
Dingdong – Please take the call, I don’t have time now
King Kong – This can’t be, I do not know him
Shi Gong – I know but can’t do it
Solution – I have it, but I won’t say it

Oh my buddy, I think we won’t make it
I have no idea how to fly this thing here
Stop, come to a halt, because then I’ll leave the ship
Hey, draw it mild, what is it that will not happen to you
We have to turn, because we’re steering right to the cliffs – nonsense!
And end here beacuse we’re right on the cliff – Yes, yes
Stop crying, rather give me cigarette please

We had taken with us on board
You’re not allowed to ever leave again
This is a very prankster trick
No scary gangster ****

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Yeah Yeah Yeah

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