On Air (Canlı Yayın)

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On Air

I saw, I saw,
I saw your last voice before you leave.
I saw, I saw without sleeping,
I told them to myself,
I only have these words in my hands,
in my hands.
Go leave, leave them, if possible,
Go cry with another face.
I said "Enough!" to my fake torturing inner voice.
My moment was for you, and just for you.
Please don't ask me how sincere I am,
as you scream I feel embarrassed to exist.
There was only you, me, us, each of us.
Did we choose to fade away?
Get destroyed like this?
Meaningless words are off the agenda,
Now we need no words.
Somebody should know, see what's going on.
Now my implications are insufficient.
The poison takes one by one,
it takes the dreams, realities, everything.
And you, them, and the others,
do you guys never feel
the loss on air?
Пуснато от catastrophobician в Четв, 03/02/2011 - 22:59
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