My only daughter (Ceri Jedina)

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My only daughter

I still love her countenance
I can still hear her voice
My only dughter has left me
she was not even five years old
I can still hear how she says
dady, it hurts me strongly
hold my hand tightly
u oku mi vatra gori
Don't let them take me away (from you) daddy
jer jos sam mala, x4
opet ce jutro da svane
nedaj da srce mi stane
I stand next to her grave
and the roses haven't bloomed
and my heart has wilted
the sun stopped shining
I will not persist for a long time
I'll come after my daughter
What is my life without her
I lost everything losing her
So don't let them take me away daddy
because I am still young
opet ce jutro da svane
nedaj da srce mi stane
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Ceri Jedina

Jos uvjek vidim njen lik
jos uvjek cujem njen glas
ostavi me cerka jedina
a nije imala ni pet godina
jos cujem kako mi kaze
tata mnogo me boli