Cry on my shoulder (Chora no meu colo)

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Cry on my shoulder

If you want to cry
Cry on my shoulder
It* will understand you
If you want unburden yourself
Cry on my shoulder
Like I do on yours as always
Because, after all
It wouldn't be weak of you
If that's what it takes
Don't be shy, I won't tell
Your friends that you are different
If you want to scream
Scream on my shoulder
I'll keep it secret
I'll caress you
Like you caress me
When I'm affraid
Since, after all
Just because you are a man and I'm a woman
that rigorously means nothing
Don't be ashamed at crying at once
I want to be
Your shoulder, your hug of comfort
and live everything with you, with you
You well know, when I'm in need
I don't even ask you to
It's on your shoulder that I cry
Oh I cry
So come on
Throw your sorrows out of that door
Because a man cry too
If you want to cry
Cry on my shoulder
Even though that hurts you
And a lot more
Cry like I do
whenever you hurt me
Because, after all
That huts but I don't hold grudges in me
Why don't you share your pain once and for all?
I'm your woman, not anyone else
If you want to scream
Scream on my shoulder
It* won't say anything
It'll listen to you
Like when you listen up
if I am feeling bitter
Because, after all
the nature made us so alike
Sometimes a silent tear means more
Than living a life, full of words
Пуснато от algebra в Съб, 06/02/2010 - 14:47
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* Well if the heart can understand and speak, a shoulder will be able too. Wink

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