Since The Very First Morning Of Souls (Ervah-ı Ezelden)

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Since The Very First Morning Of Souls

At the time of the very first morning of souls, on the sheet of fate;1
They wrote my fate ill-starred
I know it's not going to amuse me at the whole world
My one day is bounded with a hundred thousand of moanings
The wise one has the sympathy for the lover
He effaces the backbites from the lovers' heart
Everyone else has written their petition to their besties
Mine is written to the wind
If the good fortune were stand by me at this world
If I wave my hand to the one I love, then what would they say?
I don't know if it's a coincidence or it's the fate
They've written me 2 for a love of someone cruel
The ones who've written the book of Layla and Majnun
Are written Sümmani to be thrown on the scrap heap
  • 1. To Islam, there's a pen which has written the whole predestination, on this sheet. And this "moment" is the time right after all souls promised to Rabb, and their whole destination is bulwarked.
  • 2. He means "my fate"
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A great majority of words of the lyrics' are not used in today's Turkish.

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Ervah-ı Ezelden

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