Uncalm predator (Fiera inquieta)

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Uncalm predator

Look at me, I'm the other one
The one who's got the fire
The one who knows well what to do

Your smile is the caress
That moves me
That makes me go crazy

In the mysterious twilight
Every night you blow me out
And you lose in the dawn

And that is why I ask
Who is this man?
That looks at me and makes me naked
An uncalm predator
That turns me a thousand times
And makes me tremble
But he makes feel I'm a woman!

Nobody takes that away from me
I will always be his owner
For being the one that doesn't sleep
For being the one who dies
For being the one who breathes

Ah, ah, ah.

I'm his woman.
(I'm his woman)

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Fiera inquieta

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