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The Sun Always Shines On Tv

Touch me
How can it be
Believe me
The sun always shines on T.V
Hold me
Close to your heart
Touch me
And give all your love to me
to me...
I Reached inside myself
And found nothing there
To ease the pressure off
My ever worried mind
All my powers waste away
I fear the crazed and lonely looks
The mirror's sending me
These Days
Please don't ask me to defend
The shamefull lowlands
Of the way I'm drifting
Gloomily through time
(Touch me)
I reached inside myself today
(Give all your love)
Thinking there's got to be some way
To keep my troubles distant
Hold me
Close to your heart
Touch me
And give all your love to me

Пуснато от Domi Nika в Нед, 18/12/2011 - 11:13
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The two lovers are admiring each other in a dark forest when Harket's hand starts reverting to its animated state. Soon his whole body is consumed by the animation. Hunched over, Harket sees his beloved for the last time as she bites her lip, knowing that the two cannot coexist in the same world. After exchanging painful parting glances, Harket runs into the distance and a blue explosion swallows him up, sending him back to his comic book world. The girl is left all alone in the forest. Only at this point does the song begin. The rest of the video features A-ha performing in a church (St Albans, now The Landmark Arts Centre, Teddington, London) "accompanied" by mannequins. The video ends as the three band members are cut out from the background and become a still frame. The music video for the band's next single, "Train of Thought", was to pick up from this shot, as a continuation of a trilogy.


A-ha: Топ 6