King of Majorca (König von Mallorca)

King of Majorca

Hi folks!
Here I am again,
Roll out the red carpet!
Let's go in and have some fun,

Upper Bavaria is my castle,
the Ballermann* my shoot.
The posh streets my home,
and someday I'll stay here.

Have a party until the morning,
that's only here, this is sure.
Here is heaven on earth,
the last paradise.

I am the King of Majorca.
I am the Prince of Arenal*.
I am nuts, though,
but I don't care at all. (2x)

Life here is horribly grand,
here I am totally the King.
Only celebrating without end,
all that here is the real thing for me.


Ref.2 (2x)

Viva, Viva, Viva Majorca !!!
Viva, Viva, here I am at home!

Ref.2 (3x)

Пуснато от Mauler в Нед, 19/12/2010 - 19:59
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*Ballermann is a part of the Arenal, a beach in the southeast of Palma
Germans love Majorca Smile


König von Mallorca