Conveyor [ Konveyer (Конвейер) ]

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Conveyor goes slowly
But I don't ride it
Legs, ribs, chests of Zhiguli
Ride it
I'm making 103th hole
I have to work half of a day
In my factory I study
How to dance break dance
Break dance, break break dance
A-ha! A-ha! A!
1240 holes
I made in one day
Common Market will die
In the hole of our zero
I asked Uncle Petya:
Who did make this dance?
This devil conveyor
Has broken all my life
Break dance, break break dance
A-ha! A-ha! A!
Master Petya answered me:
They made break dance in USA
That to cage simple people
We know our rights
There isn't any danger in this dance for us
We raise labour productivity
With this conveyor
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Konveyer (Конвейер)

Плавно движется дорога,
Да не еду я по ней.
По дороге скачут ноги,
Рябра, груди "Жигулей".
Я сверлю 103-ю дырку,
Мне ещя пол-дня пахать.
На заводе, под копирку
Брэк учусь я танцевать.


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