Oliver Dragojević - Nadalina (превод на Английски)

превод на Английски


This is a story about Nadalina. Maybe you know Nadalina, huh? Aha, she all shines from beauty! And to be honest, you have something to see, she'd spin even bigger man, where wouldn't she a rogue like me, and most beautiful is when she's washing her feet in yard, aaah
When Nadalina washes her feet in the middle of yard in trough,
oh what a beauty, what fineness, ??? whole youth.
Everybody's watching at white feet, with the barrel,
because it's sweeter than ripe fruit, when Nadalina washes her feet.
Nadalina, Nadalina, if you'd be mine Nadalina,
you'd have a real man, Nadalina, Nadalina.
Oh if I could have some sweets from the party; rožada, pudding, sweet almond, cakes, krokants - Nothing is sweeter than sweets, only Nadalina could be sweeter. Whole yard smells and goes crazy when she's making some sweets, aah!!
When Nadalina kneads sweets, in the days before the festivities,
Oh if I could see only for a little while what she's hiding under the dress.
Because she's sweet like a fine sugar, while she flies around the kitchen,
And anyone would gladly have her, when Nadalina kneads sweets.
Whole world knows that eggs can be made on million ways, soft-boiled, and fried eggs, you can make them hard-boiled, and soft-boiled and thick and thin and rile with all possible food but when Nadalina riles eggs like (???), then it's a real egg party, aah!!!
When Nadalina riles eggs, she riles all minds,
And she's sweeter every day, like a sip of good wine.
She has all (??) from her dad's shop,
And everybody wants her without (??), when Nadalina riles eggs.
It's time to go to bed, this is the end. But when Nadalina goes to bed, it seems like a flower lies in the flowers, if I could only see how she goes to bed, how she smells. Night shines, crickets start a song: Nadalina, Nadalina...
When Nadalina extinguishes the candle near open window,
Because it's summer and everything is in the flowers, but little night.
When men stand under the window and make noise,
to wish her luck with song, when Nadalina extunguishes the candle
Nadalina, Nadalina, you'll be mine Nadalina.
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