Without You (Ohne Dich)

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Without You

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I burn for you
I cannot breathe without you
You forgive because you love
I fall for you
I can no longer arise without you
You understand because you live
What is the sun without your light?
What is a picture without your face?
I have cursed the life
Trying to live alone
however it doesn’t work
Without you, I cannot be free
Without you, endlessly to be high
Without you, I am alone
Without you, I cannot fly,
Without you, to love endlessly
Without you, I cannot exist
I wake up for you
I can feel nothing without you
You release/free, you forgive
I drown in you
Feel your heartbeat deep inside me
You understand because you live
I pray to God that it never ends
that your fire always dazzles me
I miss you, counting every second
Without your favor I perish
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Ohne Dich

Ich verbrenne für dich
Ich kann nicht atmen ohne dich
Du vergibst weil du liebst
Ich falle für dich
Kann nicht mehr aufstehn ohne dich
Du verstehst weil du lebst
Was ist die Sonne ohne dein Licht


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