The First Time (Pierwszy Raz)

The First Time

With your scent you remind me of
This day, the beginning of (our) love
With your scent you remind me
Only now of that spirngtime
You know, I pray so that when day dawns
It worked a wonder for you
So that it took us there
Where, darling, this love tastes like the first time

Has all this time to
All this time that's
Like the first time, has to be, has to persist
All this time that has to persist like the first time

I was only touch
Only love when
I was walking whispering over water
I want you to be like you used to be once

Now only presence
Won't be enough for my happiness
Prove it and promise to everything
that you'll be the same like once
The same

Пуснато от Mauler в Съб, 25/02/2012 - 02:37
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