Tulenkantajat - Puritaani (превод на Английски)

Поискал/а предложения за корекция
превод на Английски


Show me different styles, none of them are good enough for you
Keep them to yourself, I'll start hustling creeps "?"
Well no! I'll get the job done so
Hannibal the puritan son of a bitch is overexhausted,
angry and numb of this rapshit
always this same shit he's never really changed
others mock the Finnish language
art lesbians don't get functionalism or the smell of sweat, bitch
plus there's these metaphor- clowns like those ?
and the rest are shit rappers plodding in baby shoes
hey scum, guess what's my favorite past time activity "Yeah?"
It's flipping the Port-a-Potty over while you're taking a shit
Think of the embarassment, does anybody deserve that?
Well of course you do if your creation score is flat
This isn't a cut-price sale and this sure isn't free
An unconditional elitist might punch you on the knee
cuz someone will always front and look on to the tuff
everyday "fuck you's" and commotion, rough
"Well fuck!" and yet another MC falls down
Hey punk! You're up against the old fox
So this Hannibal Stark said "bully",
straight from Rollo, a real crackpot like Harri Pöyhtäri
Jollo's message to a extremist-rapper who stabs you in the back
get another job, you won't eat your props
No point in starting to tell me off
Behind your back he's plotting shit
The looser screws it up
In this house there's a gang called Tulenkantajat
Damn those puritan's jokes make me explode
they've got explaining to do when and who's in charge
and when the boat arrives, both guys and girls shout for the beach
"Can you see whose rocking the boat?"
That's the exploder of the pot, the spitter, the
The dude of the west bank, mister young rapper
Whenever I step out of the door I'm up to no good
People circle me from afar, my face indicates my mood
Got enough nerve when I see a popper walking in front of me
A walking closet, a proper gum-popper
Damn puritan, I'll fake him a three
Inside I'll bag the number two, in the jail ?
Look the dude is all worked up like a nun got outta the closet
in this ball game dickheads won't roll
this scum won't catch me, so I'll whack a puritan
Want it or not you're hearing Hannibal
who's throwing shit until the morning, so get it together
goes on, goes on, indeed he's not going to stop
team Tulenkantajat in the house
and Hannibal keeps spitting that Rollo slang
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Пуснато от Pääsuke в Втр, 30/05/2017 - 13:59
Добавен превод, изпълнявайки заявка, направена от Sicaria
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