What is this talk


Que papo é esse?

Todo dia me cercando
Querendo me chamar atenção
Eu finjo mesmo que nem tô ligando
Que é pra ver se pára com essa ilusão
De me querer e achar que vou ser sua,
Ah, é muita ousadia
Se o meu teatro é sempre igual
Por que insiste em me ver todo dia?
Que papo é esse de dizer que eu tô pagando pau?
Qual é a sua meu filho, vê se cai na real
No meio dos seus amigos, quer se aparecer
Quem tá pagando pau aqui não sou eu, é você

Пуснато от algebra на Нед, 22/08/2010 - 06:00
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What is this talk

Every day I see you around
Trying to catch my attention
And I, on purpose, pretend to not give the least care,
Hoping that you, once and for all, forget this illusion
About you wanting me and me being yours someday
Oh what a big presumption!
If, like you say, the scenes I do are always the same,
Why on earth do you insist on being on my way every day?
What is this talk about you saying I'm sucking up to you all the time?
What are you up to with this bullshit, boy? please, get real now
Are you trying to show off among your friends?
The only one sucking up to someone else here is you, not me

Пуснато от algebra на Нед, 22/08/2010 - 06:02
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Here "suck up to smb" is a [rare] case where its literal meaning is exactly the same as in Portuguese. For those who don't know this slang , it is about flattering or buttering over someone. Smile
I still can't find an exactly way to express "Qual é a tua?". it's a very rude way to ask someone what he wants or what he's planing with doing something that is upseting the speaker.