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  • michealt
    Hi Rosa, on "Es por el" and "sin ti la mano" I shall translate the alternative words you found ("Es cruel", "sin ti la paz no") - they make sense. Thanks for finding those. I guess the words that...  още
  • Enjovher
    Hahahahaha, My bad! XD
  • Dylan
    Hvala za divan prevod Jelena!
  • roster 31
    Thank you for taking my suggestions in consideration. I'll read it.
  • valezka.lopez.7
    I Fix the letter and I think now this good or better than before Hope you like now: v
  • Votchy
    Hi ! Thank you for your comment :) You're right, I made some mistakes, I guess I was a little bit tired, but I corrected it ! I did my best, so the translation can be as exact as possible. I will ...  още
  • Oakmoon
    Hi! The part "mattosängyn reunalla" should be "matto sängyn reunalla", so simply "the carpet next to bed." :)
  • River.Rietkerk
    Hey! Thanks for adding this song; can't wait to translate it to Spanish! The only thing I'd recommend is inputting a different YouTube link since VEVO disallows their videos to be shared on sites like...  още
  • trifonas1982
  • Oakmoon
    Yes, I just added it because it isn't his real name. :)
  • Dalal
    ترجموها عربي
  • trifonas1982
  • xKumii
    Good evening :) Let us see some things together. 1. Notre planète est encore bleu vue du ciel (Btw, there is a missing "e" at the end of "bleu") > Our planet is still blue from the sky 2. Let us...  още
  • efecam
    Ok I corrected. Thank you for your comment.
  • xprimale
    Unfortunately, it is no longer in my power to edit the original lyrics. :( I will add the English translation to the rest of the lyrics and leave a note with the German lyrics. Thank you for the comme...  още
  • roster 31
    Hi Votchy! and thank you for your translation. I think there are a couple things that should be corrected: 1. First stanza- "La manera como ella me llama". The original says "it", (the summer bree...  още
  • xprimale
    I'm not so sure about this. After your comment, I did some research and found out that "ein Unschuldsengel sein" or "ein Unschuldslamm sein" means the same thing as the English expression "to be an an...  още
  • Valeriu Raut
    Bosque verde y (perene) perenne Mares, (rios) ríos y lagunas
  • xprimale
    Wow, that is a ridiculously hard sentence to decode! The original expression (wegmachen) makes enough sense in my head, I'm surprised they use such weird prepositions like "zum Hals" (to the neck) and...  още
  • xprimale
    In English, it is a specific kind of beverage. In German, it would refer to any kind of hard alcoholic drink. It is derived from the German word "schnappen" which means "to snap"...it was named so bec...  още
  • ononmusik
    Suggestion: In this club tonight-----> Bu kulüpte bu gece Because the previous sentence is addressed to "bu gece" Therefore here "bu gece"should be emphasized.
  • xprimale
    "Es kotzt mich/dich an" means "it pisses me/you off" or "it makes me/you sick". Literally, kotzen means "to puke" and ankotzen means "to make sick", or "to piss off" more colloquially. I take it as a ...  още
  • xprimale
    Yes he does seem to be a person, in fact, he looks familiar to me. "Fuck che guevara and the revolution" does make sense however, it's an insolent remark, an obvious dissent from the person's views. A...  още
  • AntiKokoomus
    Please merge http://lyricstranslate.com/en/anita-tijoux-lyrics.html to http://lyricstranslate.com/en/ana-tijoux-lyrics.html She goes by the name of Ana nowadays... Thanks!
  • Fani1993
    متشکرم! :)
  • nefret
    Очень красиво и грустно...
  • aah.aah.56
    thank you
  • malva.rosa.77
    Pour les amis en France et Marianne de Belgrade baisers
  • JoskyMT
    I think "innocent angel" might not be totally correct. "Innocent," as an adjective, would be something like "Unschuldig." Seeing as they're one word, "Unschuldsengel," I believe "angel of innocence" w...  още
  • JoskyMT
    Having looked into it, "Che Guevara" seems to be a person. An actor, in fact, though I couldn't tell you if he's Mexican or Spanish. But "Fuck that guy and fuck revolution" doesn't really make sense, ...  още
  • crimson_antics
    Hvala (:
  • JoskyMT
    What is the exact translation of "es kotzt mich/dich an"? In the contexts I've heard it used in, I believe it means something like "pisses me/you off" or "disgusts me/you," but... well, Google Transla...  още
  • Tayf Beyaz
    'Eller'i hands olarak cevirdigin icin tebrikler. Yabanci anlaminda degil bence de. El ve dilin gunahkarligindan bahsediyor. Askta yasanan dokunuslar, o sozler artik bir gunah olarak kaldi sadece anlam...  още
  • ElDynamite
    I think "vilda viggar" might mean "wild thunderbolts". "ducks" seems unusual in this context, doesn't it?
  • Dorian Grey
    demig σ ευχαριστώ για την μετάφραση νομίζω οτι είναι πολύ καλή και ελπίζω να βγαίνουν τα νοήματα που περναει στη...  още
  • JoskyMT
    Not sure if it's worth mentioning, but "Schnapps" is also an English word, borrowed by the Germans. I don't know, however, if "Schnaps" refers to one type of beverage or hard liquor in general, but I ...  още
  • Dominique h
  • Fary
    Oh vale. Si no te molesta, podría tratar de escribir las partes faltantes.
  • jojonmaster
    thanks, i was just looking for the same answer ;) many thanks mate regards, http://www.penerjemah-bts.com
  • Questionfinder
    danke dir, es gibt viele, die dort stehen, die ich sonst niemals verstehen könnte :)
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    Selv tak :-)
  • kenax
    Selvfølgelig kan det dét :) Så vidt jeg husker oversatte jeg det efter en ret lang skoledag og sad og ventede på noget andet, som jeg heller ikke rigtigt så frem til, så jeg var nok ikke helt...  още
  • Isma9
    Finalmente lo entiendo, nada nos puede separar. Aparte de mi no hay otro destino final por aquí. ¿Dónde están las personas que nos volvieron amantes cuando estuvimos infelices? No están present...  още
  • Vivien_HUN
    I love this song so much. :)
  • khatulolga
    А по-русски? :O :bigsmile:
  • Vivien_HUN
    Where's the video??
  • georgiaz73
    Ευχαριστώ πολύ για την βαθμολογία!! :)
  • CherryCrush
    Hello, Isn't the language of this translation French, not Croatian? :)))
  • Knee427
    Thanks for your insight, Gaddesto. After reading it and the lyrics again, it made sense. I'll translate it like that and add a comment explaining it. Regards to the two of you.
  • Knee427
    Are you aware that you created two entries for the same artist? Which one is the correct? This or this one? http://lyricstranslate.com/en/kuroyume-%E9%BB%92%E5%A4%A2-lyrics.html
  • Mr.BAI