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dhani.ramirezHey MarinaBella thank you it fits with the sounds...- Would you be so kind to check on the lyrics since i have already updated them Thnk you for your assistance..., Yopu have been really helpful!...dhani.ramirez27/05/2016 - 01:53
MarinaBellaHi there! I hear "igniting the night" :)MarinaBella27/05/2016 - 01:23
Tell her translation
you are welcome :)
manos51227/05/2016 - 00:33
Alessio Salman[Hello, italian here :)] It's indeed a good explanation but I think it's also related (still talking about social networks that make us dumb) about all the super low level post on politics/society tha...Alessio Salman27/05/2016 - 00:17
dionysiusI often leave it a few weeks, but I always like to go back and listen to requests I've translated later on, out of interest. I have actually found a lot of music I love through translating requests on...dionysius27/05/2016 - 00:14
Un Poema translation
:) De nada. Un placer.
Madrid10027/05/2016 - 00:12
Alessio Salman[I'm italian] There's a silly but very important correction to do, regarding the title and the chorus: Vorrei ma non posto = I'd like to but I can't post. Vorrei ma non posso = I'd like to but I c...Alessio Salman27/05/2016 - 00:19
Madrid100Jaja, qué desastre. Corrijo, gracias otra vez.Madrid10027/05/2016 - 00:10
Besatniasla H va despues de la T, no la M. :PBesatnias27/05/2016 - 00:00
Madrid100Gracias!Madrid10026/05/2016 - 23:54
roster 31Como deve funzionare. E la litanie...roster 3126/05/2016 - 23:37
Πληγωμένη translation
Ευχαριστώ πολύ!!
alefellyhey26/05/2016 - 23:26
alefellyheyΕυχαριστώ πολύ!!alefellyhey26/05/2016 - 23:08
Kaliforniya translation
Hi, You've added this translation twice, so I unpublished the older entry. If you would like to make changes to your translation, please use the "Edit" button, located just above the Artist and the S...
CherryCrush26/05/2016 - 23:02
Talking To Myself translation
xristos.11.26/05/2016 - 23:01
One More Night translation
balim26/05/2016 - 22:59
Καθ'οδόν translation
Η μετάφραση βρίθει αστοχημάτων. Παρά ταύτα τα αστοχήματα δεν είναι τόσο καθαυτό μεταφραστικά, παρά εκφραστικ...
Dionysus26/05/2016 - 22:57
xristos.11.tyxristos.11.26/05/2016 - 22:13
JustLearningHi, I can't really help with the translating but I can help with the actual English. When "its" is written as a combination of 'it is' then it is written with an apostrophe making it "it's". Therefore...JustLearning26/05/2016 - 22:08
Alma BarrocaThis translation seems incomplete. Please complete it, else it will be unpublished.Alma Barroca26/05/2016 - 22:07
Anne Soler
By the fireplace translation
Dzienkuje bardzo
Anne Soler26/05/2016 - 22:00
labelleroseThis characters not a police chief, as far as I know. But I didn't know there was a Turkmem accent in the show! That's really cool! What's the character's name? BTW, it didn't sound like the charac...labellerose26/05/2016 - 21:36
skrizzyThanks. I've been combing the net for translations of the song and haven't found anything. Any transcriptions of the song I've found have been gibberish, though not entirely unhelpful. The ani...skrizzy26/05/2016 - 21:27
Alma BarrocaGracias!Alma Barroca26/05/2016 - 21:20
ScieraNo lyrics, title or language were provided. I've corrected that, adding the lyrics as they are on Wikipedia - I noticed by listening that there are verses missing from that text which are in the versi...Sciera26/05/2016 - 21:12
thesecaatI looked up the show that you mentioned. There is a police chief character. When i heard his speech, it sounded like Turkmen language to me. Then i found out that sabzevar located in northeastern Iran...thesecaat26/05/2016 - 20:59
Tell her translation
xristos.11.26/05/2016 - 20:52
xristos.11.Euxaristw poluxristos.11.26/05/2016 - 20:51
xristos.11.tyxristos.11.26/05/2016 - 20:50
malucaSeems to be this artist: http://lyricstranslate.com/en/hani-shaker-lyrics.html Please check if the song is already there...maluca26/05/2016 - 20:48
OneOfTheINVISIBLESPrevod je lep. Ipak, verovatno si previdela u refrenu lice, pa si pogrešno prevela, po mom mišljenju, možda i ključnu sentencu u pesmi. Reč je o ovom stihu: "e non esiste un luogo dove non mi to...OneOfTheINVISIBLES26/05/2016 - 20:03
Моля те translation
Няма проблем, радвам се да помогна, когато мога :) Винаги е хубаво да видиш някой, който е учил нашия език :D та о...
CherryCrush26/05/2016 - 19:53
elfy2016Grazie GC Hai fatto una bella traduzioneelfy201626/05/2016 - 19:45
marinos25I've changed the video. The first one was blocked in Germany from YouTube/GEMAmarinos2526/05/2016 - 19:44
Hier translation
Danke für den Hinweis, hab es jetzt verbessert :)
shadesofmediocrity26/05/2016 - 19:11
Green_SattvaЗапитала у носія французької мови щодо "Il a mis les mains sur tes hanches" Чекаю відповіді.Green_Sattva26/05/2016 - 18:42
Green_SattvaЩиро вдячна :-) Sincèrement reconnaissants pour la traduction :-)Green_Sattva26/05/2016 - 18:40
Giorgos Tsolas
Моля те translation
:D Mnogo ti blagodarja za tvojte komentari !!!! Me sa pomagali mnogo !!!! Izvinjavaj za greshkite no ne sqm govoril bqlgarski za mnogo vreme i sega opitvam da pomnjam !!! Ot novo blagodarja za tv...
Giorgos Tsolas26/05/2016 - 18:34
My Summer translation
Corrected the original lyrics: N-am văzut-o de un an Si de-abiá aștept sa vină Mă uit după ea pe geam Fiindcă seara e mai lumina Sper să ajungă mai repede Acum, că s-au copt cireșel...
Serious.Ray26/05/2016 - 18:04
1944 translation
Лично мне эта песня очень нравится у нее глубокий смысл и пелась она от души, и если уж сопоставить двух финал...
Yulia_Güneş26/05/2016 - 17:48
roster 31"Estoy harto" ls not an 'idiom, the words have meaning 'per se'. If somebody doesn't know what 'harto' means, can look up the word in the dictionary.'roster 3126/05/2016 - 17:46
Valeriu RautMe invita a recordar > Invites me to (record) recallValeriu Raut26/05/2016 - 17:24
Valeriu RautOttima traduzione - semplicissima però. Hai capito come funziona la scuola.Valeriu Raut26/05/2016 - 17:20
makis17Μου άρεσε πολύ Ανδριάνα!! Jazzy καταβολές και ολίγον blues με απρόβλεπτο ξέσπασμα και τον χαρακτηριστικό ήχο του β...makis1726/05/2016 - 17:11
Derin DerinceSource: Ebru Cündübeyoğlu Kalbimi...Derin Derince26/05/2016 - 16:46
Sirene translation
Please use the same format as the original (i.e. copy the chorus instead of writing [Chorus]) And "womanskin" is not a word in English. Take into account that you can create such words in German, b...
Besatnias26/05/2016 - 16:36
roster 31I would make it "she".roster 3126/05/2016 - 15:47
azucarinhoCould you please trim those long lines.. Thank youazucarinho26/05/2016 - 15:12
Alexander LaskavtsevThere's no Tongan as well, and some other languages. I guess these interface translations are being created right now! :)Alexander Laskavtsev26/05/2016 - 15:02
Fantasy[quote=Alexander Laskavtsev][quote=lt]Kurdish - agrin, Paintcomic[/quote] ;)[/quote] I meant why is there no Kurdish in the interface languages list (on top right)?Fantasy26/05/2016 - 14:46
NestreWithout knowing latin you did a lot of work. I'm impressed. I've looked around the internet and found three sets of lyrics from fans and three are different. I think each person that hears the song...Nestre26/05/2016 - 14:43
Alexander Laskavtsev[quote=lt]Kurdish - agrin, Paintcomic[/quote] ;)Alexander Laskavtsev26/05/2016 - 14:37
FantasyHi. Thanks for list. The language list for me shows 34 entries + English, while there are 43 languages on this page. Why are the rest not in the list? Where's Kurdish? Who translated the interface in...Fantasy26/05/2016 - 14:29
Alma Barroca
My funeral translation
Thanks for the translation. It looks fine, but may I suggest some minor alterations that you can do? Feel free to accept or not my suggestions. - Don't waste it > Don't miss it (she's telling peopl...
Alma Barroca26/05/2016 - 14:17
Derin DerinceSource: atiye inşallah canım yaDerin Derince26/05/2016 - 14:13
ScieraI don't speak Arabic. Do you want to provide a correction of the lyrics? Please click on "edit" if you want to change something on them.Sciera26/05/2016 - 14:12
h1981aشافوني مستسلم .. لا أتكلم قالو المعلم .. سقط على رأسه كنت صابرا وانتي .. تتكبري علي لا يا بنت .. هذا الشي إنتهى ...h1981a26/05/2016 - 13:48
tatyana.sThanks for these remarks :) Now everything seems to be alright with the lyricstatyana.s26/05/2016 - 13:42
Alma Barroca
E da lì translation
Grazie, Tom!
Alma Barroca26/05/2016 - 13:23
Hansi K_LauerIt is not performed by Bob Dylan, though....Hansi K_Lauer26/05/2016 - 12:27
roster 31Thank you Tom, for your good contribution. Check please, third stanza "she toled me " = "told" (?) The verse "Volvió esa noche, nunca la olvido", fourth stanza, it could be "I don't forget the ni...roster 3126/05/2016 - 11:56
GonoszTopiAlso performed by Irina Krug (Ирина Круг) on the album Шанель in 2013.GonoszTopi26/05/2016 - 11:52
Dukagrazie mille....Duka26/05/2016 - 11:51
azucarinhoIts not the first and it wont be the last => It's . . . won't Im an addict for a dramatic life => I'm Its written in my past => It's Theres nowhere left to hide that could save this life => ...azucarinho26/05/2016 - 11:45
miczaliterally on polish: Dzięki Bogu, z nie jednego pieca chleb jadłem - wiem co złe co dobre , wiem, gdzie bieda się rodzi...micza26/05/2016 - 11:44
roster 31Thank you, Tom, for your suggestions. I changed two of them: the 'como' in 2nd stanza, and deleted 'mi' the fourth one. I think the other two sound better the way the are. You can say "the" instead of...roster 3126/05/2016 - 11:43
Scream song
Cause I've never felt so lost => Please apostrophize all those Causes (i.e. 'Cause)
azucarinho26/05/2016 - 11:42
Derin Derincealişan ölümsüz aşklarDerin Derince26/05/2016 - 11:37
azucarinhoCould you please trim those long lines : And I know I can't let you in - 'cause my hand's against the door I can't love you when I'm sober, with nowhere to place the blame And when the ligh...azucarinho26/05/2016 - 11:28
roster 31
Grinding coffee translation
Np el proceso, sinó el lugar.
roster 3126/05/2016 - 10:56
ЋИРА~> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9_hKXk2qSuw ЋИРА26/05/2016 - 11:23
skrizzyI was afraid of that, especially since it is so common in music. I, having never learned Latin, have been attempting to spot words with a dictionary and its been going poorly. This is what I've ma...skrizzy26/05/2016 - 10:26
Green_SattvaБольшое спасибо за перевод!Green_Sattva26/05/2016 - 10:20
ЋИРА~> https://www.musixmatch.com/lyrics/Tutti-Frutti/Stvari-Lagane ЋИРА26/05/2016 - 09:14
ScieraPlease write artist names in Latin letters - there's an extra field for the original spelling. Also, please put only the artist name there, no the city they're from. I've corrected that.Sciera26/05/2016 - 08:43
ScieraPlease write artist names in Latin letters - there's an extra field for the original spelling. I've corrected that.Sciera26/05/2016 - 08:38
Pregurni me translation
Da, razbira se , kakwo mislish za prewoda, xareswa li ti ? Blagodarya za komentara :)
AiniM26/05/2016 - 08:38
sora14Στα αγγλικά είναι ήδη μεταφρασμένο και γερμανικά δεν γνωρίζω. Μπορείς να κάνεις αίτημα για μετάφραση στις γλ...sora1426/05/2016 - 08:37
Kashtanka1965Спасибо. Я попробую перевести ее на английский. It won't be easy.Kashtanka196526/05/2016 - 08:08
vodkapivoSpasibo, Elmetli, vsegda rad tvoej pomoschi :)vodkapivo26/05/2016 - 07:43
elmetliОтлично! Пара рекомендаций: Никто не занимала - со словом "никто" глагол следует употреблять в мужском роде, ...elmetli26/05/2016 - 07:24
NatoskaИзначально в тексте были ошибки, я его исправила, а в переводе не все поправила )Natoska26/05/2016 - 10:03
Kashtanka1965Вабить- это не плавит, а скорее всего: дождь манит печальKashtanka196526/05/2016 - 06:18
Kashtanka1965В этой истории не хватает колодца желаний (wishing well, where you drop a coin and make a wish). Их цвета (цвет) бледнеют(тускнеют) от ...Kashtanka196526/05/2016 - 05:50
NestreIt's so frustrating... They pronounce so badly that I just can get a word here and there.Nestre26/05/2016 - 05:45
Menti sospettose translation
Proposition revoir le verbe vedere Vedrei ancora sospetto nei tuoi occhi?==>Ci sarebbe ancora sospetto nei tuoi occhi?
elfy201626/05/2016 - 04:36
Steve Repavideo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s0yLxCzcWDQSteve Repa26/05/2016 - 04:02
James SandorIf I might, I would like to comment upon the first line of the poem as I have translated it: "Human being, listen!" I am aware that the language I have used is not idiomatic and is rather awkward. But...James Sandor27/05/2016 - 01:32
Kevin Rico
Lo Que Sabes translation
Kevin Rico26/05/2016 - 02:33
Well Water translation
well water -> water from the well
Besatnias26/05/2016 - 01:32
MarinaBellaThank you for this wonderful translation!MarinaBella26/05/2016 - 01:27
nikossrica ederimnikoss26/05/2016 - 01:01
xristos.11.tyxristos.11.26/05/2016 - 00:09
georgiaz73Παρακαλώ!!georgiaz7325/05/2016 - 23:54
They Say About Me translation
Thank you very much!!
georgiaz7325/05/2016 - 23:54
They Say About Me translation
Euxaristw polu
xristos.11.25/05/2016 - 23:48
xristos.11.Euxaristw polu :)xristos.11.25/05/2016 - 23:45
They Say About Me translation
Hi, I've changed the language from Transliteration to English for you, as the source lyrics were wrongly marked as English, instead of Greek, so I fixed it too :)
CherryCrush25/05/2016 - 23:43
They Say About Me translation
Glad you like it!!
georgiaz7325/05/2016 - 23:42
They Say About Me translation
Very nice :)
kazablue25/05/2016 - 23:40
Previr Yegor
Veriura song
full wersion of the text is: Kuka unelmamme anasti ja teki niistä pilaa? Kuka kaltaisekseen meidät loi ja kylvi täyteen vihaa? Veriura Veriura Miksi sormet helposti nyrkkiin puristuu?...
Previr Yegor25/05/2016 - 23:41