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  • camellia
    Thanks Sciera, I will consult admins about comments, if I feel such again. I will appreciate if you add this (not to re-add) as a rule in the rules part as well. Yes, I appreciate comments that he...  още
  • Sciera
    Please don't add incomplete lyrics. Make a transcription request instead.
  • whopla
    there you go :)
  • Sciera
    Please write only the artist into the artist field, and not also the song title, and use proper capitalization in the title field.
  • Bárbaro
    I'm very curious about this language now. About how can just "captivum solve Israel" become "'Isileli, kuo hopo'ate 'o tali totongi ki hono tauataina". If you could give a hint about a literal tongan...  още
  • Bárbaro
    Why not adding a complete version, not only this one with only one of the song's stanza?
  • Sciera
    The admins provided me with the deleted comment. If someone of you wants me to send you the comment, I'll do so. @una de dos piedras: While I see no real insults in it, it would be better if you'd...  още
  • Bárbaro
    Hi, Slyzder. There are some things I think are mistakes and if they are not, I didn't understand why they are the way they are. Let me explain my misunderstandings: Cape manum meum - manus is actua...  още
  • barsiscev
    Спасибо, Нина
  • Bárbaro
    Thank you very much for this, Merkurion!
  • Bárbaro
    Now, after reading the translation more than once, I just realised I don't understand the meaning of the lyrics.
  • ertantr
    Bu şarkı sözü sitede var. Ayrıca Arapça da değil Türkçe. http://lyricstranslate.com/tr/Sebnem-Ferah-Yalniz-lyrics.html
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xzV6WiLPHjQ ;)
  • Valeriu Raut
    Grazie Maria, ma la traduzione non è la mia. L’ho copiata.
  • maria.piccolo.773
    Complimenti Valeriu per la traduzione
  • Grampa Wild Willy
    Apprenti . . . J'apprends assez vite quand il s'agit de plus de quarante années à l'écoute de cette chanson. Mais bon. Je vais accepter la promotion que tu me tends pour monter en grade de l'appr...  още
  • maria.piccolo.773
    Prego Valeriu :)
  • aniutiktik
    :) It's ok, enjoy it!
  • Sciera
    Ah, okay. Thanks for your reply, and sorry to bother you.
  • aniutiktik
    It Does: Life (Heo Young-saeng album) Track listing No. Title 1. "Life" 2. "The Art of Seduction" (작업의 정석) 3. "That's Me" (그게 나야) 4. "Know It All" ...  още
  • Sciera
    Ich hab den griechischen Text online gefunden und oben eingetragen. Deine Version in lateinischen Buchstaben ist hier: [quote]Esý, pou trelá m’ agapoúses Esý, gia thymí̱sou kalá Me látrev...  още
  • firooze68
    خواهش :))))))))
  • sen.tinel.9480
    Accents missing in fantástico, déjate, cómo vivir, comprendí, visión, allí, atrás, llévame and tú (in the last line) sueño is mispelled
  • ditteoline
    You're welcome :-)
  • Sciera
    [quote]but you don't have right to say in your comments " it doesn't worth, it's bad and it shouldn't be added when there is another translation".[/quote] I didn't say that this wouldn't be allowed. I...  още
  • lorenzo.masetti
    4. No pude traducir bien esta parte, en Italiano "volantinato" es "folleto", o "leaflet" en Ingles. Puede ser que los disparos mandaron a Zen "volando" a Aquasanta? ==> No! "volantino" = "volante" ...  още
  • Soren
    Thanks for the translation! What a lovely song~
  • Malivone
    Comme romantique, tu n'es pas si "apprenti" que ça... puisque que la métaphore ne t'a pas échappé, contrairement à moi! Là encore, chapeau bas! Quant au lien entre l'expression et l'époque, ...  още
  • ali.hoseyni3
    دستت درد نکنه مترجم خوب
  • antigonipieri
    nothing thiis its my work the i like much doing songs Spanish-Greek or Greek-Spanish But english i dont know true english and you see now how i talk this laungue its becuese i know only spanish.!! :/
  • Dana.Kosa
    :) danke für die Hilfe !
  • Hramko
    Вам, как носителю, виднее (: Спасибо за объяснение.
  • Ashi Udegedan
    Bu matn bor bu yerda ->> http://lyricstranslate.com/en/sevara-nazarkhan-o039rik-gullaganda-lyrics.html
  • ddgknn
  • Ashi Udegedan
    Конструкция такая: "...глагол в условном наклонении(...-са итд)+ в следующем предложении причастие на(-ар итд)+ не...  още
  • nightchriss
    I've updated the lyrics. Thanks for letting me know.
  • wsegen
    the world is round
  • shinymoon
    Danke für dein Kommentar. Ich bin absoluter Anfänger was Griechisch angeht. Die Buchstaben habe ich absichtlich so eingestellt, damit ich die Sätze mit der Übersetzung vergleichen und auf diese We...  още
  • lt
    Sorry for the delay, we'll PM you further directions soon.
  • Valeriu Raut
    Mes félicitations, petit élève - vous avez fait une grande traduction. Oui, on apprend tous les jours. C’est aussi pour cela que nous sommes ici sur LT. Sachez que j’ai proposé la chanson d...  още
  • camellia
    :) The moderator asked for a summary of your comments. You have the right to vote and comment until you don't insult, as some of the translations in my page have, but you don't have right to say in yo...  още
  • 666Amadeus999
    Best translation! Just a couple thing though: In english we would typically say "the mountains" not just "mountains". Columbiana is likely a double-entendre alluding to Cocaine.
  • cm.1
  • una de dos piedras
    Well, at this remove, no I can't, especially since she has changed some of the lines I specifically mentioned. I am simply astounded that she thinks I have no right to make comments and rate translat...  още
  • shadoworshade
    i apologize for my carelessness
  • Knee427
    Her name is Elaine with only one L, and not two, as you added. Corrected.
  • Mistifikator
    Zahvaljujem! :)
  • Knee427
    That's not Middle English, but Modern English instead. Corrected.
  • Grampa Wild Willy
    Je pense que j'ai entendu ou lu "galerie de pinottes." Mais une recherche sur Google.ca en français me donne tort. Peut-être je suis un Edison pour les expressions parce qu'il me semble que je vie...  още
  • Knee427
    Information about artists who covered this song has been added. Taken from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Where_Is_My_Mind%3F#Cover_versions
  • stevenson.girao
    Thank you for your attention in translating a favourite song of mine.