The russians have scored [ Russkie Zabili (Русские Забили) ]

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The russians have scored

We`re tired of counting
loss after loss, (casualties),
Escorting, repulsing
and still believe.
We were told - it`s a deadlock
and should breathe quietly (lay low),
But until you`re not used to
Live this way, there`s a way out (of the deadlock).
We were told - it`s all lies,
but they say no more, where`s the truth,
You won`t find it.
When and if you find - even more (they remain silent [?]).
As they won`t understand it,
they are not used to light (forgot what it is to be used to light),
But why are we here?
And we don`t like it !
As if you are caught in the middle
of a street fight,
You fell, as you weren`t ready for
a blow from behind.
Can`t inhale, can`t be in time for...
Flakes of snow and sky,
But it would arise in you
Your old inner self.
You just have to forgive everything
That is bitter, but has been (has occured).
Just wake up, look around -
There`s hope and vigor!
There`s a single chance,
it won`t repeat itself,
There are those for who`m we are
ready to fight!
Begone rotten lies,
Timely topics
We`re one with the state (country)
Bloody systems!
It pulses us,
more than the national anthem and flag -
Our count out
a second before the step! (first step)
I call you, I live you,
I`ll be near.
In cold, snow and rain,
I you`ll leave,
I`ll be near.
You are all those,
who count us out,
To your well planned program
We make our remarks!
You can lose
only if you believe in it!
We are a moment away from the goal,
a moment from the light!
The way goes sharply up
It`s tough just for the strong
We all know, what it`s for
we can insist: it`s all serious!
Stop promising us,
We`ll do everything by ourselves!
For none`s flute
we have ever danced ! (didn`t obey)
We were whispered to,
that everything`s gone hopelessly
And we glazed over
awaiting the failure,
But while you were
singing and drinking for victory
Look now ! -
The russians have Scored!
I call you, I live you,
I`ll be near.
In cold, snow and rain,
I you`ll leave,
I`ll be near.
We didn`t take that course
Excuse us, it`s not that issue/subject
Wait for our failure ? -
You wasted your time!
And to what rating
you have sorted us
Doesn`t matter anymore:
The russians have scored!
In hell, so in heaven,
On earth, in the skies
We are at the edge (extreme).
Meaning we are in good balance.
Meaning, further - it`s the limit.
Could you believe that?
The russians have scored!
Be it just faith,
I`ll punch through all walls with it!
We are one with the state
Bloody systems!
And while they have judged us,
tainted, criticized -
The russians have Scored!
Пуснато от ZKR в Срд, 17/10/2012 - 13:38
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The original text is abrupt and not revealing, so I did my best to translate it in such a way that it can be understood but without adding too much (sense) to it, since the original text is not comprised of full, well intelligible sentences.

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Russkie Zabili (Русские Забили)

Мы устали считать
за потерей потерю,
Провожать, отбивать
И по-прежнему верить.


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