100 kilometers an hour (Sto Na Sat)

  • Изпълнител: Indira Radić (Индира Радић (Indira Radić))
  • Гостуващ изпълнител: Lexington
  • Албум: Istok, Sever, Jug i Zapad - 2011
  • Песен: Sto Na Sat 2 превода
  • Преводи: Английски, Руски
превод на Английски

100 kilometers an hour

Rainy night, windsheild wipper is wipping the windsheild
but wipers cant erase your face
I'm a traverller, and the road never ends
it's an bad ally to me
Whenever where ever, that's our destiny
we don't decide on anything
that's what god knows and that's why we pray
since we are always good friends
I'm driving 100 kilometers an hour, I love 100 kilometers an hour
I don't let sad forces take me back
the night is braver, blood is boiling hotter
still pulling me towards you gives me euphoria
I'm driving 100 kilometers an hour, I love 100 kilometers an hour
my love is blurry
good old trick
than you tricked me that you were worth those kilometers
Rainy night, I turn the music up louder
I can hear your voice more
where, when on every board wrote
this is our roadtrip
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Sto Na Sat

Kišna noć, brisači brišu stakla
ne mogu tvoj lik
putnik sam, a putu nigde kraja
loš mi je saveznik


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