All Romania (Toate România)

  • Изпълнител: Denisa (Emilia Denisa Răducu)
  • Гостуващ изпълнител: Mr. Juve si Alin Diamantul din Balcani
  • Песен: Toate România
превод на Английски

All Romania

All Romania,
Mr. Juve:
ladies and gentlemen
We have something special for you
Everyone in the world
Mr. Juve:
an authentic joint coming from us
Nothing from the Americans, England or Spain
Mr. Juve:
for all Romanians
Party Made ​​in Romania
Mr. Juve:
?????... for all of you
Denisa, Alin Diamantul de la Balcani, and Mr. Juve
All Romania, even in America
Everyone in the world, if they want to dance and to drink,
(want) Nothing from the Americans, England or Spain,
(because) They don't have, they don't have Party Made ​​in Romania
Wherever I go, in Italy
England or Spain
I drink with my Romanians because they're my brothers
I drink and have a good time with them (2x)
Mr. Juve:
Even if you are Moldovan or maybe Oltenian
Or maybe you're Transylvanian, or you're Wallachian
Romanian or Tsigani, your birth doesn't matter
The important thing is to live in Romania
Wherever life leads you, no foreigners
Know how to enjoy themselves like us Romanians
So if you want to have fun
Come to Romania and you'll see
For all Romanians who are brothers again
And for all Romanians away in foreign lands
Pump it up, pump it up, brothers
Our song is dedicated in your honor
On such a beautiful night I don't care about anything
I drink and listen to music
Listen to fiddlers and give them all my money
Cause that's my thing¹(2x)
Chorus 3x
Пуснато от fulicasenia в Нед, 18/03/2012 - 03:10
Коментари на автора:

Warning: I don't really know Romanian! Don't count on this to be right. Please let me know if you find any mistakes!

¹Yeah, I have no idea what thing. Googling it gets no hits. Is it a typo? Is it slang related to 'ambala' or 'amplu'? Native speakers of Romanian, can you help me out?


Toate România

Toata Romania,
Mr. Juve:
doamnelor si domnilor
Avem ceva special pentru dumneavoastra
Toata lumea,
Mr. Juve: