your body

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your body

Hola mami! (Jencarlos)
Come a little introdusco me your ... your ... your ... your ...
That face so sensual ami ... that ami ... causes me kiss
Disconnect from this world
Come show you something else profundooo
The feelings are saying my love, shut the mouth and just let your body talk ...
Your cuerpooo your cuerpoo ooo ooo and just let you speak your cuerpoo cuerpoo your cuerpooooo (2x)

She is an OMON and his body dosilicona but why should I care if your time almost culona
Dale mulatta this is between you and me, I put my leg but do not worry, nobody will know anything
The sun ... the beach
Mama and up do not say the wise naa

Shut that mouth and just let you speak your cuerpooo your cuerpooo cuerpooo

Just let your body talk (2x)


Do not get the adobe agas
What I understand and see the play, not to bad agas you the bitterness that you think I'm fura, Mommy what's here is a little mommy and poy pa pa after a little further and fam fam fam the sun ... beach ma naa naa say no and go up the wise

close to mee ... undress ... to not know what's tii tii
Ay someone out there wants out
Do not say anything say anything
Let your body follow the play
Take a drink with me and let yourself go crazy inside ... in you go

Do not say anything say anything
Let your body follow the play
Take a drink with me and let the crazy out behind you ... in you go ...

... shut the mouth and just let you speak your bodyyy your bodyyy bodyy

Just let your bodyyy your bodyyy speakk

Submitted by science man on Пет, 06/05/2011 - 10:14
Author's comments:

Nice song. Me gusta Mucho!!!!

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science man     Май 10th, 2011

ME ENCANTA MUCHO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

davidlorenzo41     Юни 7th, 2011

This is just another example of why you shouldn't let computers do your translating for you. They can't account for words that were misspelled in the original language; a lot of words weren't even translated at all. Computers also cannot handle idiomatic expressions like 'meter la pata', which it translated literally. You need a human being who knows what he's doing.

Berliner25     Юни 8th, 2011

This hardly qualifies as a translation. There are great portions left untranslated, the spelling of English words is very poor and the result is something unintelligible. If you are unable to make the necessary corrections, please request a translation and someone will help.

preny     Юли 11th, 2011

One of the problems in this lyric is that pitbull is making up words that do not exist in Spanish; maybe they are in some other language but certainly not English because I have looked up the words in many dictionaries.