A Story Like This (Una storia come questa)

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A Story Like This

The friends said to me: Open your eyes,
That woman doesn't marry you for love...”
She pretends she loves,
Thinks only to settle.”-my friends said to me...
I was angry with them,
I called them pigs and how not to call them like this?...
You are talking for envy,
You don't see she is sincere and even if...
Even if she marries me for money,
What is your business...?
But what do you have in the hearts?
Good friends you are, you talk and don't understand,
Her love is not important to me,
It's enough to me that she will stay the life with me,
I love her very much...and will love her.
She likes the jewels,
The furs of mink, she likes presents...
Carrying out her whims,
My pockets became empty and remained without money...
She says to me: “What do you expect?
Do you want to send me to the street?...Think a bit...”
A cunning man risks much,
Tries the destiny and feels good
But however...
My attempt failed,
A tyre burst on the turn...
And while I was brought away,
There was a man behind her back,
She was accompanied,
While I was brought away, I looked at her hands,
They held other hands,
She didn't turn around...on my cry.
To be in the prison is the hell,
I thought about many things,
My hands were scratched...
My heart was overfilled
With the infinite love and I wanted to forgive her...
Finally I was released,
She calls me diligent,
Exactly me....
And here I have not sen anything any more.
I have seized her by the throat stronger...
I squeezed her strongly and her eyes seemed bigger...
While I was brought away,
Her hands were white,
her skin was cold,
There was a train in the fog...
While I was brought away,
There was a cold fog,
There was a train in the fog...
The train, the skin, the paleness, the fog...
While I was brought away...
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Una storia come questa

Mi dicevano gli amici: "Apri gli occhi,
quella donna non ti sposa per amore!
Finge un bene che non prova
pensa solo a sistemarsi!" mi dicevano gli amici.
Io con loro mi arrabbiavo,
tutti porci li chiamavo e come no.
Voi parlate per invidia,
non vedete che è sincera e anche se...


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