The sad one


Ya za3lan (يا زعلان)

يا زعلان يا زعلان
خليت قلبي حيران
ماقلت لك ياحبيبي
بطل دلع من زمان

السلام ليه ماترد
وين الغزل والغرام
تراضيني ولا بروح
وأسيبلك هالمكان

لا تخلي راسك عنيد كثر الدلع ما يفيد
يا ماخذ العمر كله غيرك أنا ماأريد ..

اتعبتني ياحنون والعقل صابه جنون
شلي حصلك ياغالي وقلبك تناسى الحنان
يازعلان يازعلان
خليت قلبي حيران

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The sad one

O sad one, O sad one
You have my heart confused
I told you a long time ago
To stop being so fussy

Why aren't you greeting me back
Where's the flirting and the love?
Will you make up with me or should I leave?
And get out of this place

Don't be so hard headed, all this fuss is useless
I want to spend my life next to you

You made me tired, and my mind is going crazy
What happened to you, o precious one, and why has your heart stopped being tender?
O sad one, O sad one
You have my heart confused

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