Šumadija Blues (Šumadijski blues)

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Šumadija Blues

Oh, how are you my darling people
one room, another world
I am alone, with no one else
Watching someone else's rotten flowers
I would give away all of my life
For just to go over an old fence
I have dreamed yellow quince
My land, my green fields
I have seen a flash of lightning
dear and far away homeland
Someone came me and said
"Hello stranger, have a nice night"
"Oh, you have very pretty car, stranger
Surely, you are so happy"
But I have cried, said with pain
I would give it away, for only one of your days
And then the blues began
My dear Šumadija singing about happiness
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*Šumadija is central part of Serbia

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Šumadijski blues

O, kako ste ljudi moji
jedna soba, drugi svet
ja sam sam, u svojoj coji
gledam tudji, truo cvet


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Thanks for the translation.

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Thanks a lot! Your suggestions are very helpful...