Gholamhossein Banan - آمدی جانم به قربانت ولی حالا چرا؟ (Englisch Übersetzung)


آمدی جانم به قربانت ولی حالا چرا؟

آمدی جانم به قربانت ولی حالا چرا؟
بی وفا حالا که من افتاده ام از پا چرا؟
نوشداروئی و بعد از مرگ سهراب آمدی
سنگدل این زودتر می خواستی حالا چرا؟
عمر ما را مهلت امروز و فردای تو نیست
من که یک امروز مهمان توام فردا چرا؟
نازنینا ما به ناز تو جوانی داده ایم
دیگر اکنون با جوانان نازکن با ما چرا؟
وه که با این عمرهای کوته بی اعتبار
این همه غافل شدن از چون منی شیدا چرا؟
آسمان چون جمع مشتاقان پریشان می کند
در شگفتم من نمی پاشد ز هم دنیا چرا؟
شهریارا بی حبیب خود نمی کردی سفر
راه  مرگ است این یکی بی مونس و تنها چرا؟
حالا چرا، تنها چرا؟
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Englisch Übersetzung

You're finally back my dearest, but why now (so late)?

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You're finally back my dearest, but why now?
O you disloyal, why now that I'm broken?
You're a remedy, but you've reached after Suhrab's* death,
O you stoney-hearted, you should've sought it sooner, why now?
Our life span won't allow for your so many postponements to the other days,
I'm your guest only for today, why tomorrow?
O my cheri, I've already lost my youth for your coquetting,
So now you may coquette for the youth, why for me?
Alas when the life spans are so short and unreliable,
Why you should ignore so much a lovelorn such as me?
Whilst heavens distress the whole enthusiasts,
I wonder why the world is not disrupted?
O Shahri(y)ar**, you did not use to travel without your beloved,
This is a death road, why lonley and without a companion?
Why now, why lonely?
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* Suhrab: is the son of Rustam, the Persian epic mythical hero. Rustam & Suhrab is the name of an epic book written by the Persian epic poet, Abulqasim Ferdowsi.
In Persian language and literature, "To fetch remedy after Suhrab's death", it means to fetch a remedy for a patient too late, and it implies that the patient has already died, and such remedy is of no use any longer (i.e. being too late). In Rustam & Suhrab, also the remedy arrived too late for the wounded Suhrab, therefore he died before the needed remedy arrives. Now this is a famous proverb in Persian, referring to anything which arrives too late and thereby it is no more of any use.

** Shahri(y)ar: The writer (poet) of the above song lyric (poem) in Persian. His real name is Seyyed Mohammad Hossein Behjat Tabrizi, mainly known by his pen name, Shahri(y)ar, who was a notable Iranian poet.
For more information about him, you may visit the following link address:

Also, for more information about the singer of above song (Gholam-Hossein Banan), you may visit the following link address:

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