At the Checkpoint (Al Hajez | عالحاجز)


Al Hajez | عالحاجز

بعده قاعد بمحله
بعده ممسمر ماسك فردو
شعره مزبط هيدا همو
هاجم صوبي نفخ صدره
يا عكروت يا شرموط
وينك ريح يا زنتوت؟
عكروت يا شرموط وينك
ريح يا زنتوت
بيتي هون مش جاي فجره
ناسي الكون عاملني شغله
و أنا بخرس بما إنو
دمعة امي أغلى منو
و إختو و ستو و خيو و جدو
و بايو و خلو و عمو
خلتو و خالو و ستو و جدو و عمو
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Englisch Übersetzung

At the Checkpoint

He's still sitting in his place
Stuck to me, holding his gun
His hair is styled, that's all he cares about
Coming at me, his chest stuck out
You fucker, you cunt
Where are you going to, Zantout?
You fucker, you cunt
Where are you going to, Zantout?
I'm dying
This is my home, I'm not here to bomb it
He's forgotten the universe and made me his concern
But I hold my tongue since
My mother's tear is more precious than him
And his sister, grandmother, brother, grandfather,
father, uncle (maternal), and uncle (paternal)
His aunt (maternal), uncle (maternal), grandmother, grandfather and uncle (paternal)
I'm dying
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Elise Manchester    Di, 10/05/2016 - 19:33

Thanks for the translation. Could someone translate the beginning as well? It begins with Ya Halwa, but I am having trouble making the rest out.


Sinda    Mi, 18/05/2016 - 00:40

Well, I'm going to try although it's quite silly and doesn't make much sense, it's more like a scene at an airport between a person boarding a plane and the security.
•• Hey gorgeous,
Take off your bag
On the right
"Please show me your papers."
From where to where?
What nice hair
Lak yo'obosh (this is a term usually used by middle aged women at something they find cute, I can't find a direct translation for it, though)••