I quitted love (23tzalt el hob)


23tzalt el hob

23tzalt El Hob Ah Ah Ah
Wert7t Mn El Gharam
Taweet Genaa7 El Alb
Wel Hob Wel A7lam

Alby Reg3 Tany
7aly B2a 7aly

Welly Bakaany Youm
Haybky Kol Youm

Mn Kotr El Alam 23tzlt El Hob Ahh - x2 Wert7t Mn El Gharam

3alshan Meen Ya Alby We Meen
Yestahl Dam3t 3eneek
Tefr7 Youm We Tbky Seneen
Welly Habeeto Neseeh

Mahma Akhlast Be Hawak Mesh Hat7sl Gheer Hanaak

Akher Saf7a Fe Hanaany Abl Mashky Wala Andm Tawtha Mn Sawany We 23tzal El Hob Arham

Most7eel Ya Ahl El Amana Y3eesho M3aa Lel Khyana
(its impossible for me you people... to live with him those disloyal nighty)

Von galaxy am Do, 10/01/2008 - 22:00 eingetragen
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I quitted love

I quitted love ...
And I released now from it
I folded the wings of my heart
so as love itself and dreams too

my heart came back
cause Im suffering

and whoever made me cry...
He' shall cry everyday..

I'v been in pain so much that I couldnt go on and I quitted love

for who ?? for who you do all of that.. ==> she's talking to her heart
is he worth the tears ?
you'r only happy for like one day.. but u cried for years
and the one you loved forgat you already

no matter how mush you were faithfull you'll never get anything beside your happiness

the last page in my sweetness... before I'll complain or regret.... I folded it seconds ago.. And I quitted love

Von Christeen am Do, 10/01/2008 - 22:00 eingetragen
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