2oul inshallah


2oul inshallah

ya malik ser el hawa wel 7aya

enta el 3omr elle bt7la fe el sa3at

ma bshoof el denyeh 7elweh

mn donak ma bterwe

ew3edni w 2ool nshalla, neb2a el 3omor sawa

w3edni w 2ool nshalla, b3dak ma fe hawa

sha'3elni tool el layali

mahma 2alo w lamo

7obak 3ala bali fe mzajo w fe kalamo

law lamooni w 3azabooni ra7 bedalo s-hamo

s-ham el hawa el sabo 3yooni w mn yawma ma namo
and from that day they've never slept

ya shamsi w nari el bedafeeni

ya 2amari w nooro el maleeni

7obak 3alamni 2ool el ah w '3anni

7alla 3omr w adamni 3ala el ard el janne
to a heaven on earth

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2oul inshallah

you, the owner of the secret of love and life.

you're where the hours of life-time get more beautiful

i would never see the life beautiful

without you it doesn't quench

promise me and say nshalla, stay togather all the life time

promise me and say nshalla, without you there's no love

you get me buzy all the nights

no matter what they say or blame

your love is on my mind, in its mood and its speech

if they blamed me or tortured me, his arrows will stay

the arrows of love hit my eyes,

you, my sun and my fire which warm me up

my moon and its light that fills me

your love tought me how to say "ah" and sing

it made this life time more beautiful, and presented me

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