Paper snake [ Bumazhnyï zmey (Бумажный змей) ]

Englisch Übersetzung

Paper snake

The world doesn’t sleep at nights again
All around are loosing their appetite
But this virus is not a hepatitis
(and not a chicken flu)
Mows down villages and cities
Some unknown nonsense
But the reason is only one
People are makind money
And money’s making people
Деньги, йау, деньги, йау – Money, oh, money
With blood in the veins, with face on the walls
Деньги, йау, деньги, йау – Money, oh, money
Деньги имеют людей (каждый день, а...) Money f**ks people (everyday)
Деньги, йау, деньги, йау – Money, oh, money
There’re so many ideas in the heads, but
Деньги, йау, деньги, йау – Money, oh, money
The paper snake rules this worls
The summer’s again and sun is shining
But doughter needs not a skate now
But lanborgini and askalate
И если в пробках Москва замрет – And if Moskow stopes because of traffic
Father will find the way out
He’ll buy a plane to his girl
(Маленький боинг
A little boing for us, baby
People have money
And money f**ks people
I’m spendidn dead presidents with closed eyes
But if I’m aground, anyway good
But.. hey, mom, I also want a ferarry
With the wind into my muzzle, but I’m..
Driving fast with the numbers like ministers
And with flasher for those who are with radar and stick
They should be at attention
And making drinking bouts near the bar
Чтоб все по науке было, как надо – For everything to be in a right way
To order vodka and bit**s without problems
To take them near the morning into the penthouse in the centre
surround, you and the box of absinth
мягкая кровать, шелк и картина Винсента –Then a soft bed, silk and a painting by Vincent
Oh, f**k, it was cool
But simple as 2x2
Anyway, everybody wants loot
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Bumazhnyï zmey (Бумажный змей)

Снова мир по ночам не спит,
Все вокруг теряют аппетит,
Но этот вирус - не гепатит.
(И не куриный грипп, мами...)
Косит села и города
Неизвестная ... ерунда,
А причина всего одна:
Люди делают деньги,


Idioms from "Bumazhnyï zmey (Бумажный змей)"