I'm calling u (Banadi Alek)

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I'm calling u

I'm calling u, I'm calling u
U hear my call with me before I call u
I miss u
And every moment passes in my life longs for u
I'm calling u, I'm calling u
I forgot my life that passed before u, and my memories in it
And my soul wishes that ur shadow walks on it
The love of my heart to ur heart is like the love of the spring to the flowers
And the passion of my soul to ur beauty is like the passion of the song to the birds
In my smiles and in my pains, I'm calling u
In my waking and in my dream, I'm calling u
And in my silence and in my talk, I'm calling u
My soul and ur soul together r wandering in the fantasy world
We sang the passion melody, and the singing between us is a reunion
The glance between us is kisses, silence, whisper and talk
And the Love without hope is the most superior meaning of passion
Whenever my heart beats, I'm calling u
With all my longing and love, I'm calling u
And even if u r beside me, I'm calling u
U sea waves, ur melodies complain to the shore about my state
My love was in ur hugs, and my heart was free of love
U called for my heart with ur melodies, the existance sang
And I sang by ur inspiration the melody of immortality
With my eye whisper, I'm calling u
With the touch of my hand, I'm calling u
U r calling me, and I'm calling u
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Banadi Alek

بنادي عليك بنادي عليك
تســــمع ندايا معايا قبل ما أنده لك
وأحن اليك
وكل لحظة تفوت من عمري تشتاق لك
بنادي عليك بنادي عليك
نسيت حياتي اللي قبلك وذكرياتي اللي فيها