like spring (Come primavera)

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like spring

Winter,you know, will finish
and like (winter) came will go
and will melt the pain
like the snow from the sun
and the wounds you have
you know it the will be cured sooner or later
after the night the dawn will always come
yes because
the more calm life returns
and blossoms again like spring
life shouts with all its heart
inside of you
you will also find again
the power that now you don't have anymore
and that will to live
that still there isn't, it will come back
Torna la vita piú serena
E rifiorisce come primavera
La vita grida a voce piena
Dentro te
life shouts with all its heart
inside of you
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Come primavera

L'inverno sai finirá
E come é arrivato se ne andrá
E scioglierá il dolore
Come la neve al sole
E le ferite che hai
Lo sai guarirano prima o poi
Dopo la notte l'aurora ancora verrá


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