Give me a hug with your eyes [ Domeny Bwayonak (ضمني بعينك) ]

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Give me a hug with your eyes

give me a hug with your eyes , let me feel your love , make the light of my nights get closer
there's not better than living on your lap
I lived many years waiting for you , that's the love that I always dreamed of
your heart was lost , I was never living my lifetime
And Neither I will be able to live after you , nor my heart will be to another person
Nor all the globe can equal my eagerness and nostalgia to you
That's what I wished , and the dream I liked
with you I lived it and felt it ( means dream come true )
With you , I loved the world and wished that never let me alone
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Domeny Bwayonak (ضمني بعينك)

ضمنى بعيونك حسسنى بحبك لياقرب نور لياليا
في أجمل اية ف الدنيا غير أنى ف حضنك أعيش
انا عيشت سنين استناك دا الحب اللى انا بتمناة


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