You and me (Du und ich)

Englisch Übersetzung

You and me

You and me
And me and you
We listen until morning
Only to this one song
I embrace you
You embrave me (both french)
Es ist ungefahr 17 uhr
Wir gehen raus
Und die sonne scheint
Von Steena am Do, 09/10/2008 - 21:00 eingetragen

Du und ich

Dab dada...
Du und ich
Und ich und du,
Wir hören bis zum Morgen
Nur diesem einen Lied zu.
Dab dada...


Coopysnoopy     Oktober 20th, 2016

Excuse me, but do you ever listen to a single song you are going to translate?

I really hope so, but in this case there is not one single English word in the Original but nethertheless you wrote it and translated it to German! What a mess! The French words also don't sound correct to me, I wrote down what I can hear.

Please try to adapt your translation to the corrected Original lyrics. Thank you in advance.

Coopysnoopy     Oktober 20th, 2016

I cannot believe it that this is here since 2008!