Ditet s'kishin fund pa ty
mallkoja c'do mengjes
se me endrren shkoje edhe ti
Kisha frike te hapja syte
te endrroja ne c'do qast
se atje te kisha ty

Ne syte e saj pash veten
dhe pyeta me habi
erdha une apo ajo
Nga buz't e saj shijova friken
dhe loti me tregoj
endrra jone kufi nuk ka
Te gjithe me thonin jo
por ne s'na behej vone*
ne kishim endrren tone
Atje do te takoj
atje gjithmone do t'jem
enderra jon kufi nuk ka

Mendova se c'do gje mbaroj
ate nate kur u ndame
ika une apo ike ti
Kujtoja se do te harroj
nese nuk te sho
deri sot as nuk te pash

Provova te jetoj pa ty
thoja nuk me duhesh me
por sot nuk do te genjej
Te kerkova ne c'do vend
te kendova ne c'do kenge
e si mund te t'harroj

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days had no end without you
I'd curse each morning
because as a dream you'd would leave(/finish) too
I was afraid to open my eyes
so that I could dream in every second
because that's where I had you

in her eyes, I saw myself
and I asked astonished
did I come or did she
from her lips I savored fear
and my tears told me
that our dream has no borders
everyone would tell me "no"
but it wouldn't matter to us (lit. it wouldn't be late for us)
we had our own dreams
that's where we would meet
and that's where I'll always be
our dream doesn't have borders

I thought that everything was over
that night we broke up
did I leave or did you
I told myself I would forget
if I didn't see you
I haven't seen you till this day

I tried to live without you
I'd say I don't need you anymore
but today, I don't want to lie
I searched for you in every place
I sang about (/for) you in every song
so how can I forget you

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