Guella Quella


Gella Gella

له الي وصلني منه يكفيني عمر
كيف يبر ا طعن سكين الغدر
قله كان لي عنده قدر
لي تلاقينا امام الناس يسلم
لايبين حد من منا تالم
لا يخلينا حكايه
كفايه ماجرا منه كفايه
حلله ربي وباحه الي ماعرفت الا جراحه
هان قلبي واستباحه دانني والجرم حبه
وفقه ربي بغيري واني رحت في شري وخيري
له مصيره ولي مصيري لايعلقني بدربه

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Guella Quella

tell him that what I got from him will last (or is enough) for a lifetime
how could he stab with the knife of betrayal
tell him that if I had any importance for him
if we meet in front of people he'd say hi
let it not show that we both are hurt
let him not make us a story
enough what he's done enough

tell him
God made it Halal, I didn't know but its wounds (not very clear)
he humilated my heart and he made me a criminal and the crime is his love

tell him
may God make him successful and I'm gone with my good and bad
he has his own way and I have mine, let him not get me stuck in his way

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