Jeet , Ka2anak Ya3ni Manak 3ameel Shi

Nafs Elkalam Elmaddi 3am Te7keeh

Baddak Gharamak Nrajee3 B3d Eli Feeh

Wel Ghalta erja3 Te3edha Mara Kaman

Shu Ya3ni Lazem Sadee2 Shu Ma T2o

O Erja3 Essharlak Yama O Layli Yetool

Enta Eli M3awad Tenssa O Te2ssa 3a Tool

Byekfene Menak Yalii Shefto Zaman

Majnoni Bkoon Ya Habibi , Ghaltani Aked Ya Habibi

Law Jeet Elyawm Ba3d Elii Feye Sar , 3eed Elii Kan

Ana Debt Snen Bi Kalamak

T3azzabt Kteer Bi Gharamak

Roo7 , Ma Tkoon Mfakar Enak Lama T3ood Ra7 Erkod O Efrosh Darbak Killa Zhoor

Ya3ni Law Ba3dak Nater Aw Maw3ood

Ana 7oobak 3andi Sar Mn Elnessyan

wen Ba3ddak Raje3 Tew3edne Mn Jdid O T3ayesh Albi Bi 7elem Kteer B3eed

Ya3ni Ta Tkoon MGhayer Mish Be El-Eed

Sa3b Yetghayar Yalli Malo Aman

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You came like you've never done anything!

Saying the same old words

You want me to fall in your love again!

and do the same mistake once again

Am I obliged to believe what you are saying?

And stay always awake and have a longer nights!

Your are the one who's used to forget and be always taught

It's enough for me everything I've seen from you

I must be crazy, my lover, totally wrong, my lover

If i came today after all what happen to me, and start over again

I melted a lot in your words

i suffered a lot from your love

Go, don't you ever think that when you come back, i will run for you and ...

So if you are promised or still waiting

I totally forgot your love

if you are coming be to promess me, and to make me live in a very far dream

It's not possible that you've changed

It's very hard to change for th someone like you!

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