If you would want (Kad bi htjela ti)

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If you would want

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What would I do, if the God came one night into my dreams
to take away my eyes
and not to see the morning
Would I stend up, give up
If i would become blind?
What would I do, if the God came in one day while I'm playing
stand behind my piano, and took tone by tone
would I stend up, give up
If I would become deaf?
If you would only want
I would see you with the silky touch
If you'd allow, I would live in your look
and grow old
If you would want that, I wouldnt mind
What would I do, if the God after everything came into my dreams
to bring me back sight and hearing
but to take you away
Would I stend up, give up
if I would stay without you?
I wouldnt accept it
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Kad bi htjela ti

Sto bi ja, kad bi Bog jedne noci u snove dosao
moje oci sebi da pozove
i da jutro ne vidim
da l' bih ustao, odustao
kada bih slijep postao?
Sto bih ja, kad bi Bog jednog dana dok sviram usao
stao iza mog klavira i ton po ton uzeo


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