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Kol Youm

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every day we meet and the passions are in miss and the love
in our eyes and we melt one night,and the other night is for love
the separation is not made for us and the distance is filling us even the tear
in our eyes ,inside them and every thing
is a lier souvenirs and passions
i hurt the judge if the night and his fire is as much as his suffer(what a sentence!!!)
and as much as his bitterness he can love despite his sorrows
look how many persons among us got perplexed
i won't forget you cause you let me love your fire while you're forgetting me
after all this love you tell me that this is your heart and it's his decision
as much as the love that you forgot and as much the love that you've been loved with
and as much as passion ,this passons that dies before your eyes and you know
i even blamed the patience with you and i left the distance in your eyes
and my heart is with you but i left it and you belived in your betrayal
every day we meet and the passions are missing and the love
is in our eyes and we melt one night
the separation is not made for us
zekrayaat kadaba w el ashwa2 kadaba
w ady mararo
msh hansak 3ashan 7'aletny a3sha2 narak w enta fayetny
yama te3ebt m3ak ahwak w gare7 2alby w yeb2a m3ak
ehrab mahma tro7 leb3ed lazem 2albak yeb2a wa7ed
zekrayaat kadaba w el ashwa2 kadaba
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Kol Youm (كل يوم)

كل يوم نتلاقى و الاشواق مشتاقه و الغرام
فى عيونا و ندوب ليله و ليله غرام
الفراق مش لينا و الحنين مالينا حتى الدمعه
فى عينينا جوا عيونا و قولى ليه
زكريات كدابه و الاشواق كدابه
ادى اللى بجراحه و ناره ادى عذابه
و ادى مراره يسهر يعشق ويا جراحو
شوف كام واحد فينا اختاره


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