La Geografia del Mio Cammino (La geografia del mio cammino)

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La Geografia del Mio Cammino

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And whose will be the courage now if not mine?
if this light turn off
I'll remain
And whose was the most profound decision
Beyond the dreams, engrossed in a song
Today I recognize the sound
of the voice of who I am
And I trust in a past loaded with the naivety
Of one who goes from astonishment to another age
Because when everything seems so little clear
If I stop myself in search for a thought
I find heaven in a mirror
and that's geography of my path
to me
I'm returning to me
because I've learnt to make my own company
Inside of me
I reborn and cheat the melancholy
Beautiful like I was never before,
Side by side with my destiny
Written on the lines of the hand
The hurricane that spins me around
is just me
I see hope in the depths of that oblivion
The flaw is the experience that I still do not have
But I don't pay attention to it
I'm not afraid anymore
to me
I'm returning to me
because I've learnt to make my own company
inside of me
Inside myself, I repeat a profanity, a poem
Beautiful like I have never heard it, never
eyes straight at the horizont
I leave my marks on the asphalt
What is loneliness?
What is?
I want to decide it
to me
to me
i'm returning to myself
to myself, to never go away anymore
I'm returning to myself
I find a heaven in a mirror
and it's geography of my path
of my path
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La geografia del mio cammino

"E di chi sarà il coraggio, allora, se non sarà il mio?
se si spegne quella luce
resto io
di chi è la più profonda decisione?
al di là dei sogni appesi ad una canzone
oggi riconosco il suono
della voce di chi sono


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