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Moi Lolita

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Me, I'm called Lolita
Lo or even Lola
It makes no difference
Me, I'm called Lolita
When I dream of wolves
It's Lola who bleeds
When my tongue slips
I have a crazy laugh (a laughing fit) as crazy
As a phenomenon, I'm called Lolita
Lo de vie (ie. brandy, life-water), lo/water of love-deluges (Lo sounds like l'eau(water))

It's not my fault
And when I give my tongue to the cat (French idiom meaning to give up (guessing))
I can see the others
All ready to throw themselves on me
It's not MY fault
If I hear all around me
Hello L. I. T. A.
I'm Lolita

Me I'm called Lolita
A school-girl in stockings (OR school girl from the waist down; hence 'student below' in EV)
Methylene blue [stockings] (blue can also mean blue in French)
Me I'm called Lolita
Quick to anger and not
Half cotton half wool (Mi-laine Mi-coton is a nickname for Mylene - Mylene farmer wrote the song.)
Shh! Lips sealed not a word
To mummy that i'm a phenomenen

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Moi Lolita

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