I Have What You Want (Tengo lo que Tú Quieres)

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I Have What You Want

You see, how did I know
I have what you want... [2x]
Just so you know, I have everything in order.
Just so you know, the bills aren't making me broke.
Just so you know, I only have the map.
and the sense of smell of a bit** (female dog)...
It's clear, if I work, it's to catch fish.
Yo me visto por los pies
en algo tenia que sacar buenas notas.
Me lo estoy currando, me lo estoy currando*
Me lo estoy currando, me lo estoy currando.
Soy una mujer de recursos, chulo
tu suela, pasión, saliva leche y trucos.
Yo marco el minuto.
Me hago tirabuzones con las bombas que me tiran,
los mamelucos.
Y disfruto.
Eso si. Eso si.
Tengo lo que tu quieres.
Cómo lo sabia yo, tengo lo que tu quieres. . .
I don't even care to whom you belong
or what you drink or where you came from
To the trouble. What is with you.
I will take my little pleasure home
And whatever I want, and whatever I want
Where is my style,
where is my downfall.
I want more Rosemary.
I smell it.
Do you smell me?
Where there is a will there is a way
Put some effort into it
I've been on the lookout
and see I am still alive...
Hey how did I know
I have what you want... [2x]
And again I, I, I, I, and I, and again I
but I say it all
understand it willingly...
Sing songs with my name in them
glory shall belong to whomever reciprocates for it,
I bring it flowers,
she tatoos my name on herself,
more natural than f***ing
gold, wine, rich, poor. . .
My mother educated me the best she could
and later she gave me her shield.
I won't save the world,
I'll save my as*
and whatever I want.
My message is so selfish
that you make it yours...
Hey how did I know
I have what you want... [2x]
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Tengo lo que Tú Quieres

Ves como lo sabia yo
tengo lo que tu quieres... [2x]
Sepa, que lo tengo todo en regla.
Sepa, que las cuentas no me quiebran.
Sepa, que sólo tengo el mapa.
y el olfato de una perra...