Wir trafen uns im Garten (Wir trafen uns in einem Garten)

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Wir trafen uns im Garten

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One, two, three, four ...
We met in a garden, probably under a tree
Or was it in a plane, no, no...
Simply everything has been different, too good for the moment
We were pretty much confusded and soon parted
Visit me for a piece of cake, later we’ll go to the zoo
And then we’ll let them search for us, through the radio
I do not know if you understand me, or if you think that I am crazy
Because, everytime you’re not there, I feel awfully lonely
Then I think about something else, other than about you all the time
Because thinking about you so much does not suit me very well
The next day I am tired, I do not pay attention at all
And my friend think, I look wasted
It hasn’t rained for days, it hasn’t snowed for weeks
The sky is so clear, and the roads are wide
Is this life here a game, or is there a reason to it
We have plenty of time and you say „well I don’t know, is this true?“
Go with me to Italy, we won’t understand a word
But rather understanding nothing than just being at our place all the time
All windows with curtains, I walk through town alone
I ask myself if someone loves me and has my phone number
(I ask myself) why everybody is watching TV all the time, while it makes fat
I imagine I was a fox in a cartoon
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Wir trafen uns in einem Garten

Eins, zwei, drei, vier...
Wir trafen uns in einem Garten, wahrscheinlich unter einem Baum.
Oder war's in einem Flugzeug? Wohl kaum, wohl kaum.
Es war einfach alles anders, viel zu gut für den Moment.
Wir waren ziemlich durcheinander und haben uns dann bald getrennt.
Komm doch mal zu einem Kuchen, später geh'n wir in den Zoo,
Und dann lassen wir uns suchen, über's Radio.


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