DON'T CRY MY RAINY EYED (Aglama Yagmur Gözlüm)


Aglama Yagmur Gözlüm

Ağlama yağmur gözlüm
Ben bu derdi çekerim
Ateşlerde yansada tenim
Sanma senden geçerim
Aşkın yalanı olmaz
Her kalp bunu anlamaz
Unut deme sakın bana
Unutulmaz, unutulmaz, unutulmaz
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Don't cry my rainy eyed
I'll have my suffering
Even though my skin is put to fire
Don't ever think that I will give you up
Love does not come with lies
Every heart does not understand this
Don't you ever ask me to forget
Unforgettable, Unforgettable, Unforgettable,
Von BURBI am Mo, 11/06/2012 - 12:31 eingetragen
Kommentare des Autors:

I have seen that this song is requested both English and Greek, so if you know Greek and English can I ask you to translate Koita Egw of Natassa Boufilou for me as a favor for translating this one. Thank you so much.

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