If You Look At Me (Ako pogledaš u mene)

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If You Look At Me

If you look at me
you will see my dream
then you’ll know that I need you
more than ever
But I can go on without you
same as it was till now
my love
You say that everything
is nonsense
and that we had
To lose everything
it’s like you wanted,
wanted for that day to come
If you and I
had just tried
we maybe would’ve have stayed together longer
If we knew
what we had
we wouldn’t have lost everything forever
And when you look at me
I will not be here anymore
and I will not wish
to be with you again
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Ako pogledaš u mene

Ako pogledaš u mene
ti ćeš vidjeti moj san
tada znat' ćeš da te trebam
više nego ikada
Al' mogu ja bez tebe
isto ko do sad
moja ljubavi


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