Let It Burn (Antaa Palaa Vaan)

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Let It Burn

It's a hot summer day and I'm thirsty
I wanna go to the beach
I'll take over today
in Kaivopuisto* someone bites my hook
I haven't owned you for a while
that's okay
so let it burn
Let the summer rubber burn
The first face I see
I'll score and you are so my goal
it has been a while since a last time
as you can see
Our own little nirvana
let's enjoy, together, a flowing lush
let it burn
Let the summer rubber burn
I write lines for your beauty
the song is gonna make you sin
pare your forbidden fruit
Adam wore nothing and neither did Eve
Let the summer rubber burn
Let's burn the summer rubber
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"Antaa palaa vaan" was an official song of Kesäkumi campaign in 2006. Kesäkumi campaign is a rally organized every year by radio channel YleX, and it encourages teenagers to wear a condom. Songs are often about losing virginity.

*Kaivopuisto is a park in Helsinki.


Antaa Palaa Vaan

Kuuma on kesäpäivä ja mua janottaa
tahdon rantaan
Tänään aion valloittaa
joku Kaivopuistossa syöttiini narahtaa
En ole vähän aikaan omistanutkaan sinua
ei haittaa
joten antaa palaa vaan


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