My Moon-faced (Ay Yüzlüm)

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My Moon-faced

Time is innkeeper, cloud is traveler
The last traveler is now gone
Hasn't finished the debt of longing
Where are you, my moon-faced?
The night falls, roses fade
My eyes fill with tears
Memories cry with me
Where are you, my moon-faced?
Have police stations established?
Have (your hands) handcuffed?
Look, evening comes today, too
Where are you, my moon-faced?
My youth knelt down
When tip over the way of love
A birth is created, completely naked
And you, and you my moon-faced
As falling from the branch like a dry leaf
You broke out from my lips with a oh long voice
Come back, my moon-faced, wherever you are come back
Can't do without you
Blood drops from my eyes, blood
If you have strength come, come and then
Because I am doddering like last breath
Because I am completely naked
Because I am without you
Because I... Because I...
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"Ay yüzlüm" actually refers to: the one whose face resembles the moon.

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Ay Yüzlüm

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